Higher Education

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A number of the students, while finishing the Hesder Program, decide to enter one of the Center’s career tracks:

The Jewish Educational Training Program allows students to pursue advanced courses of study in preparation for careers as Jewish Studies teachers and instructors.

At the conclusion of the intensive, two-and-a-half-year program, students are encouraged to obtain a formal teaching certificate which will allow them to teach in the Israeli public school system, where there is a demand for well trained Jewish studies teachers in both religious and non-religious schools.

The Rabbinic Program is approximately four years in length, and prepares students for rabbinic ordination. In order to obtain final certification, students must pass six comprehensive exams (under the auspices of the Chief Rabbinate of Israel) spanning all areas of Jewish law.

These young rabbis, once ordained, leave the Center for work in both pulpit, educational and communal leadership positions in communities in Israel and abroad.

The Dayanim (Rabbinical Court Judge) Program is a seven-year program with intensive studies in Jewish law and Responsa. Upon passing the required exams, graduates are fully qualified to serve as judges in the religious court system or in smaller courts which handle financial matters and issues related to divorce.

In addition to their studies, the students in these programs are actively involved in both the Center and in the broader community.  Whether it be mentoring Hesder students or teaching a weekly class at a local synagogue, the enthusiasm and demeanor of these students has a significant impact on the community-at-large, which looks to them as role models.

The Center also has an active publishing arm, which to date has issued more than ten scholarly volumes. These critically acclaimed works reflect the advanced scholarship of the Center’s cadre of Talmudic and legal scholars.