Hesder Program

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At the Rishon Lezion Educational Center’s Hesder Yeshiva Program, 150 young men currently combine advanced religious study with their service in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF).  In addition, these young men take upon themselves significant community service in order to meet the diverse needs of the Rishon Lezion population.

“On one level, these young men are fulfilling the ideal of full and active participation in the defense of the Israeli people while still engaging in intense Torah study during their formative years,” said Rabbi Shlomo Levy, Dean. “In fact, they are making the ultimate contribution that is both deeply personal and a resounding, collective affirmation:  to safeguard the future and security of the State of Israel.”

On a daily basis, students study Gemara (The Talmud), Jewish philosophy, Halakha (Jewish law) as well as Tanach (Bible, Prophets and Scriptures), and numerous other Jewish sources.  Each student enjoys an individualized program, and students are allowed plenty of opportunity to find which teachers speak most to them as both individuals and mentors.

Students spend three out of four shabbatot (Sabbaths) a month at the Center. Shabbat meals are joyous occasions marked by singing and Torah lectures. Each week students are invited to an after-dinner event at the home of a married kollel (post-graduate) Fellow.