Community Education

One of the priorities of the Rishon Lezion Education  Center is in fact two-fold: to invite the community into the Yeshiva and, and the same time, to bring Jewish learning into the community.

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Every month, more than 300 classes are taught at the Center and in synagogues around Rishon Lezion to a wide variety of audiences. Classes cover subjects such as Gemara (The Talmud), Halakha (Jewish law), the teachings of Rabbi Abraham Yitzchak HaCohen Kook (the first Chief Ashkenazi Rabbi of the British Mandate for Palestine and influential Jewish thinker, Halachist, Kabbalist and renowned Torah scholar), and more.  Over the course of the year, classes are taught in people’s homes, while both short and more intensive courses on a variety of topics of interest to the community are held in local schools in conjunction with the El Ami organization.

In addition, the Rishon  Lezion Educational  Center offers an opportunity for women to study Torah on a weekly basis.  Classes on a variety of subjects are conducted by the Center staff and attract scores of women each week.

For those unable to attend classes, the Center publishes informational and instructional pamphlets and  also offers recorded lessons which can be purchased for a minimal fee.

The Center, which recognizes the great potential for the expansion of these classes and publications, also produces educational programming via multimedia. It is steadfast in its determination to impact upon and inspire the Rishon community, its residents, and beyond.