seforim 085The Rishon Lezion Educational Center is more than just a yeshiva. Its students and teachers are young men combining Jewish studies with IDF service and married men with families who have taken upon themselves significant community service to meet the diverse needs of Israel’s fourth largest city.

The Center, located in an economically depressed neighborhood has reached out to its neighbors, establishing a number of support programs for local residents and offering a wide variety of classes, enrichment programs, and counseling options to meet the growing demand of Rishon residents.


seforim 057 In 1996, recognizing the need to both strengthen the Ramat Eliahu neighborhood and the need to establish Yeshivot Hesder (program for students combining Jewish studies with their IDF service)  in central Israel and not just in the periphery, the Rishon Lezion Education Center was founded. Today it has 140 students enrolled and serves hundreds more each month in the larger community.

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